Getting Started

System overview

Which trial version should I download

Opening the system and getting started

Importing records into JobPro

Adding a customer

Adding a supplier

Adding an employee

Button menus

Finding records

Sorting records

Identities explained 

Navigation between modules

Navigation within a module: Entry screen

Navigation within a module: List screen

Small icon buttons explained

Install JobPro (Multi user version using FileMaker Pro)

Install JobPro (Multi user version using FileMaker Server)

Install JobPro (Single user version)


The Modules in detail

Enquiries / Leads module

Companies module

Contacts module

Alerts functionality

Calendar module

Communications module

Document Management module

Jobs / Projects module

Products / Services module

Locations module

Batches module

Setting up stock tracking

Stock quantities sync functionality

Stock tracking across multiple locations

Purchases module

Quotations module

Sales Orders module

Shipping module

Shipping tracking functionality

Sales Invoices module

Receipts module

Sales Accounts module

Tasks module

Timelog module

Units/Assets module

Using Clickatell to send SMS messages

Using Skype to make phone calls

Using Skype to send SMS messages


New features in JobPro

New modules in JobPro v7

Alerts functionality


Companies and contacts separated

Resource planning (contacts/assets/locations)

Sales Accounts module explained

Document management

Expense tracking

Inventory/stock functionality and modules

Units / Assets module explained

Locations module explained

Batches module explained

Quotes and Sales Order

New pricing functionality

Purchase orders and shipping

Sales invoices and receipts


Miscellaneous new features



Video tutorials version 6.0

Video tutorials pre version 6.0


Other Tutorials

Access Privileges in detail

Tracking Stock Quantities

Assembly and Costings explained

Backing up JobPro

Budgeting & cost tracking explained


Exporting records out of JobPro

Gantt functionality: Jobs

Gantt functionality: Tasks

Mailshot Wizard (marketing campaigns)

Phone and SMS features

Pricing functionality explained

QuickView area on the Home screen

Rental / loan functionality

Resource management

Service & maintenance functionality

Track time based on employee types

Shopping Cart Integration


Setup & Preferences

General tab

General-Calendar/Gantt tab

General-Modules tab

General-Other tab

General-Regional tab

General-Serials tab

My company (Identities)

Configuring lists & menus

Enquiries / Leads

Companies / Contacts


My Company


Jobs & Projects


Timelog / Timesheets

Products / Services (Inventory)


Sales Orders


Shipping (in/out inc returns)

Sales Invoices


Access privileges (controlling users)


Work Flow Videos

JobPro Workflow

JobPro2Go Workflow