JobPro's timesheet software is a real-time user friendly time management application that gives you complete control of your time tracking for jobs and tasks.  This easy-to-use timesheet software helps increase both productivity and profits.

JobPro's time tracking software includes timesheet software, time attendance software, and time billing software all rolled into one system.  There are various reports for time management, time and attendance, job costing, and job tracking (budget vs actual) for job management.  See increased efficiency through accurate employee time sheets and job tracking.

Employees can enter their job or task time analysis details throughout the day or time analysis can be entered directly into a job or project instead.  Various time tracking and attendance analysis reporting options are included.  Default cost and charge rates can be set per employee or job / project.  Employee time & attendance costs can filter back to deduct from job and project budgets.

On login to the system users can choose to view their timesheet details for the day so the first and last thing they see in the system is their timesheet and it can act as a reminder to fill it in.  Users can get various warnings if budgeted time has run out for tasks and jobs.

Timelog Functionality

  • Quick entry screen.
  • Enter a timesheet against a task.
  • Track actual vs budgeted time against tasks.
  • Automatic rate billing depending on employee type.
  • Time can be set as billable or non billable.
  • Option that only billable time to be used against budgets.
  • Time can be logged against custom budget categories.
  • Automatic warnings generated to managment based on budgets or unbilled time.
  • Timelogs entered filtered by user viewable in calendar.
  • Flexible searching and reporting on timelog entries.
  • Link directly to tasks associated with time logs and from tasks to associated time log.
  • Duplicating a time log can also duplicate comments by holding down the shift key.
  • Visual warnings of timelog clashes where one timelog ends after another one has started for the same user. Allowance of 1 minute for minor clashes.


Above shows quick entry screen for time logs, this can be set to be a users home screen within JobPro to ensure timesheets get filled out. We can see here that the second time sheet entry is over budget for the employee type.

Users with the relevant access privilege can view timesheets for any employee otherwise this is restricted.

Under 'Current Jobs' above users click on the job number column to specify the job they want to create a timesheet for.

Within 'Timelog' above a duplicate button beside the task column allows the user to duplicate that timelog line so they do not have to specify the same job or task details again. Ideal if the same job or task is being worked on at different stages throughout the day.

Time can be entered manually by entering a start and finish time or alternatively users can just enter a total time.

Above shows full timelog entry screen where time log can be entered against a task and ad hoc expenses incurred can be recorded. We can see here that the budgeted time allowed for the employee type "Designer" has been exceeded.