JobPro Customization

Whether you are an existing JobPro user or have downloaded the JobPro trial you will no doubt like what you see.  One of the biggest reasons our customers use JobPro is that it can be easily customized. If you have a specific idea around how to make your business more efficient, that's where our customization services comes in.  FileMaker Pro is a database platform that allows for rapid solution development and deployment for businesses that would not normally be able to afford to have custom be-spoke applications made for them.  As we say here in Softouch Technologies about FileMaker, "its the worlds best kept secret!".  If you need customization work done on JobPro please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

FileMaker Consultation & Customization

If you have a custom application in mind, whether you need it based on JobPro or not, you can have your applcation developed through Softouch Technologies.  We specialize in developing be-spoke applications specific for your exact requirements and workflow.  We have yet to come across a set of requirements that cannot be achieived very efficiently through a FileMaker application.

FileMaker Go

If you have a need for FileMaker "on the go" functionality we can deploy our own JobPro2Go application, developed for FileMaker Go, with your JobPro solution.  We can also develop a complete custom solution for use with your own current FileMaker templates. To see some information on our own JobPro2Go application click here.

For more details on FileMaker Go please click here.

Training Services

JobPro is extremely intuitive to use but if you require some training to get you over that learning curve please give us a call.  We also can offer training services in relation to developing in FileMaker itself.  All our training services are tailored on a case by case basis to suit your requirements. 

For more details on training click here.