service maintenance

Whether your service and maintenance business is field based or HQ based JobPro has a host of features that will enable you to run your business with piece of mind.

Setup vehicles in JobPro as a physical locations, assign, track and control stock that is in that vehicle.  Equip your maintenance technicians with our JobPro2Go iPhone app and they can assign stock from this vehicle against the jobs they are working on for subsequent billing to your customer.

Users can also create their time log through our iPhone app for the time spent away from the office.  This ensures that time logs are more accurate as they are done in a timely manner.  This means that service billing can be done as soon as the job is finished.  No more waiting on your employees to log their time and costs against jobs at the end of the day/week.

You can assign jobs to your service fleet in the field ensuring they get all the details they need to attend their next job automatically without the hassle of trying to contact them in the field.

If your service business is not field based and you provide your billable services from a fixed base JobPro will suit your needs.  You can take your customers assets into the stock module within JobPro and assign it to a job.  This enables you to manage your customers asset and ensure warranty work or maintenance is carried out in a controlled manner.  Users can create a bar code for your customers assets to ensure it is traceable throughout its time on your premises (available via customization).  Stages and tasks can be set against the job to ensure control over resource allocation etc.  Costs incurred on jobs via using stock items on jobs, creating time logs against jobs or assiging ad hoc expenses incurred on jobs can be billed out to your customer from the job record directly.

Why not check out the following video giving an overview of the Service & Maintenance Functionality:


Here are some Service & Maintenance related screenshots: