The Enquiries module keeps track of all your job, sales and business prospects, enquiries and leads.  Assign tasks and create quotations specific to an enquiry or prospect.  Users can automatically turn a prospect into a customer at the click of a button and all their details get carried over to the Companies/Contacts module including any related tasks, quotations or estimates. Tasks created for an enquiry are linked to the Tasks module and can be viewed in the calendar as well.

Keeping company/contact information, which has not entered into a financial contract with your company, can be hugely beneficial in planning, marketing and workflow management.  It will also keep the vital part of your contact information (your customers) un-cluttered by less important or temporary data.

To aid effective pipeline management you can set the status and rate your enquiries to enable you to focus on the ones that warrant the most attention to ensure they have every chance of becoming a sale.

Other Features include:

• Tagging of an enquiry with its source (where it came from), status and perceived value to your company.

• Ability to quote without needing to add to your list of customers.

• One-click creation of new customer.

• One-click creation of a job.

• Correspondence generation (by email,letter, fax, or SMS message) and activity logging for notes and phone calls.

• Integration option with Skype and Asterisk VOIP phone systems for making phone calls and sending SMS messages.