Remote access to the full JobPro system:

JobPro gives you a number of options for remote access. JobPro now has a separate user interface file and data file. Basically the user interface is what the user sees. This means faster remote access for users on a WAN (wide area network) where they can have the UI file on their computer/device and only the Data file is being opened across the web.

- If you have a high speed connection to the network then you could simply open FileMaker Pro on your remote computer and access FileMaker Server the normal way. This is the simplest method and ideally you need to have a good connection speed as opening the files initially can be slow. FileMaker Server would need an external IP address.

- Using software like PC Anywhere, Timbuktu or TeamViewer (cross platform) you can connect to a computer on the network remotely and access the databases as if you were in the same building. Speed depends on the connection speed you have to that computer. This is an inexpensive method and is very effective and is only ideal for one remote user at a time.

- JobPro can be hosted using Windows Remote Desktop or other remote access software like Citrix that allow multiple remote connections at the same time. Let us know if you would like more details on this. For example, we have a 50 user license JobPro customer using Remote Desktop for a lot of those users and it works really well. Remote users are on a mixture of Windows and Apple Mac computers.

- Apple Mac users can use Screen Sharing (built into the Mac OS) to access JobPro on a server or other remote access computer. If you need a Mac only solution to allow multiple remote users login then there is remote access software called Aqua Connect. Let us know if you would like more info on this.

Using JobPro on an iPad or iPhone with FileMaker Go

Local or remote users can open JobPro on an iPhone or iPad using the free FileMaker Go app. Ideally you need a good internet connection if using the full JobPro system remotely.

JobPro2Go (offline iOS app)

JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (inc signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad. For more details please see the JobPro2Go page.

JobPro on the Cloud

Host JobPro on the Cloud and access from anywhere at any time. For more details please see the JobPro Cloud page.

Other integration options

JobPro can be web enabled if required. We can web enable parts of JobPro using PHP or other methods. Contact us if you would like to investigate this further. We have web developers in house that can look after all your needs.

Also, we can setup parts of JobPro to be accessible on mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad using FileMaker Go. Contact us if you would like more info on this.