Track stock at multiple locations. Location functionality in JobPro allows you to create an unlimited number of locations that may be applicable to operate your business.  For instance you can create your own list of location types.  A type could be a vehicle, warehouse, office or lecture theatre for example.  You can set the definition of what the location is used for such as 'Sell', 'Rent/Loan' or 'Internal'. There is the ability to tie a default 'location in' and 'location out' to each user's identity in the system so receiving, assembling, shipping goods or any other stock related movements are streamlined based on the user, customer or supplier default location.

A location may also be set to be a 'bookable' location.  As a bookable location you can then set an hourly/daily or per booking fee for the location.  A location may also be a customers location that contains stock items you have a maintenance contract on.  Customer items at this location are not included in your stock valuation.