JobPro's manufacturing and assembly (bill of materials or BOM's) functionality gives you tools to manage and understand the costs to manufacture and assemble your products. From the purchase of parts from your supply chain through to the actual assembly of the products, JobPro equips you with quick and accurate cost information.

From within a product record, on the Costings tab you can specify what items (raw materials, components, parts, labor, etc) make up a finished product (bill of materials or BOM's). Labor can be entered to give you a true cost value and costs like labor can be set to not display on an assembly sheet.


After putting your finished product together you can set the mark up you require and add your product, if necessary, to a quotation.

If your quotation is approved by the customer, there is an option on the 'Options' screen in Quotations to turn the quote into a job and generate the assembly details. You can then print off an assembly sheet for that product from the job that will display the raw materials/components that make up that finished product.

When the assembly of that finished product has been set to 'Complete' the finished product gets added to stock and the raw materials/components that make up that finished product get deducted from stock.

A job assembly does not have to be created from a quote. You could create an assembly job just to create/assemble products to put into stock or sell for example.

The category set on the finished product record gets carried over into the Job for purposes of budgeting.  There is no limit on the amount of categories you can create and assign to products.

As costs are booked against the job carrrying the same category they will be booked against the budget category. At any point you can drill down into the budget category to see any costs from all sources that make up the 'Actual' costs against the set budget.

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