JobPro's communication module makes it easy to create Email, Letters, Faxes, Notes, SMS and Internal Messages from anywhere in the system.  Templates can be setup for Email, Letters, Fax and SMS to facilitate a speedy workflow.

The communications module is available throughout the system in the following modules, company, contacts, jobs, enquiries, quotes, sales orders and sales invoices with ability to filter out by communication type.


Scanned signatures are automatically used at the base of documents for sending letters, emails and faxes electronically.

This feature can be turned off at every document level but it provides a speedy method for working through creating and sending communications to your contacts.


In the prospects and contacts modules there is an option to generate a mailshot that uses the 'Communications' module to generate the mailshot. A mailshot wizard guides you through generating the mailshot.

From enquiries and contacts it is also possible to generate a group SMS that uses the 'Communications' module to generate the SMS.