If you have web development experience and FileMaker experience...if you enjoy dealing with customers and designing their workflows into solutions this might be the role for you.  Please call on +353 53 9484683 and ask for Stuart.


Automate your shipping workflow, save time, reduce errors and save money.

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JobPro Central Integration with NRG Shipping Software

Softouch Technologies announces upcoming JobPro Central integration with NRG Shipping.  

Softouch Technologies today announced an upcoming integration with NRG Software and its flagship JobPro Central Product.  NRG Software offers simple business software solutions for a wide range of business users.  With this integration businesses will be able to further automate workflow around their shipping processes.  We are looking forward to bringing this to market very soon.  Please Contact Us if you would like to be kept informed of developments and launch date for this integration.

Check out some new functionality recently introduced to our JobPro Central V7 application.  It is now possible to 'free form' input a line item on a quotation and then go "behind" the line to specify what makes up that line item.  Ideal to show your potential customer a high level view of what you are quoting them for.  Check out our updated video here.  To see this new functionality specifically move the video forward to the 7:40 mark.  If you have any questions in relation to this functionality please mail us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

New JobPro Central Website.

Recently members of the JobPro team have been working on a completely new site for our company, we are finally at the finish line as the site goes live today! Many aspects have changed, especially the coloration of the site. The new layout allows a more user-friendly experience as people browse from page to page. At the top of each page there is a quick link drop down list which gives you ease of access to important parts of the site with a simple click.

Along with the new site comes a completely new set of video tutorials to coincide with the release of the new version of JobPro, these videos both give you the option to look at each module as it is explained in great detail, or to simply have a quick summary of what JobPro is all about, we give you the option to watch them as as embedded links on the site, or you can watch the directly from our youtube channel where we have over 100 video tutorials.