The Jobs/Projects module gives you full control over job & project planning, budgeting, costing and tracking of jobs and projects. Elements include stages, budgeting, costing, sales orders, tasks, time tracking, communications and assembly management for manufacturing companies. Includes dynamic Gantt functionality to allow users to drag and move jobs/projects between dates.

The Jobs/Projects module allows you full control over budgeting, time estimates, workflow, cost tracking, stock control, credit control, document management and correspondence.

This module acts as an umbrella under which all other modules contribute.

At a quick glance you can see what stages (milestones) and tasks are related to a job. Tab buttons allow a quick view of all areas of the job allowing the user to click on an item to view the full details.

Users can also link related documents to jobs. A task can be created from various parts of the system like Jobs, Stages, Contacts, Enquiries, etc.

Also see:

Budgeting and Cost Tracking

Gantt Chart Functionality

Job/Project functionality

  • Stages
  • Tasks
  • Time management
  • Resource allocations
  • Budgets by custom category
  • Costs (purchase orders and misc. costs)
  • Shipping / dispatches
  • Track in and out bound shipping at job level
  • Assign any contacts to jobs
  • Correspondence (letters, faxes and emails)
  • Quotes / estimates
  • Create purchase orders from within a job
  • Sales orders
  • Assembly details
  • Sales invoicing
  • Document management
  • Group related jobs together



Above in the jobs and tasks modules users have the ability to schedule / book resources. A resource can be a person, an asset (internal or customer asset) or a location/room. This functionality means no more double booking of resources. This functionality is ideal for:

  • Tracking people on jobs and tasks.
  • Track use of assets on jobs or tasks. Assets can be anything that has a unique identification (serial number) including equipment, tools, computers.
  • Book in and track servicing / maintenance on internal or customer assets.
  • Booking a location like a meeting room, studio or anything that is rented out.
  • Set default rates by hour/day for resources and auto calculate quantities to invoice with ability to auto round up or down.
  • Creating an invoice for a job's related costs can now be based on or include resource item charges like a rental or usage charge of an item on a job or task. This makes the system ideal for hiring/renting out items or locations/rooms.

Functionality Continued...

  • The Calendar now has a 'Resources' screen where users can display the usage and availability of people, assets and locations/rooms by day, week or month. On the day view users can select multiple resources to compare side by side. This is ideal for checking who or what has available timeslots on any given day, week or month.
  • New holiday / leave functionality ties into the resources functionality so contacts not available on certain dates should not be booked in on jobs or tasks for the same dates. Includes warnings regarding booking clashes for contacts against holidays, leave.
  • Leave functionality (holidays, sick days, etc) have been improved and users can now display holidays/leave in the calendar for specific staff or all staff on the same screen as jobs, tasks.
  • Ability to link as many contacts (not just employees) to jobs and tasks.


Above shows a job record with contacts associated with the job, job brief and other job and customer details.

Above shows complete job listing which can be filtered by status.

Above shows options screen on a job where user can duplicate the job or initiate an email to customer that will be recorded under the job.