JobPro is a fully customizable, multi-platform business management system that will organize any company or individual that is job, project or manufacturing based. Softouch Technologies (the developers of JobPro) are a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Member and offer cutting edge FileMaker development & customization for Windows, Apple Mac and Web platforms.

Through analysis, database design, programming, testing, implementation, training and support, we will help your business become more productive by organizing and automating your office.

JobPro can be used as a starting block for a new system or may need only minor alterations for you as it suits most companies or organizations in managing their business. Alternatively we can improve your existing system or develop a new system from scratch.

Key to the FileMaker concept is easy customization and development.  Customization can be carried out at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take using other development methods. This has the added advantage of ensuring you will never again be plagued by box product vendors looking for you to upgrade the ‘Off the shelf’ product you bought for no real value add to your business.

FileMaker customization

Effectively you have a bespoke system specific to your needs and potentially the only reason you would need to consider an upgrade is if your business processes change significantly.

Full unlocked access to JobPro is also available so users can add their own functionality if required.

We have in-house FileMaker certified developers which is an industry-recognized credential. By becoming a FileMaker Certified Developer, you not only demonstrate your technical expertise with the FileMaker product line, you also earn the only credential sponsored by FileMaker, Inc.

Please contact us regarding customizing JobPro or if you have a business or organization which has a need for a customized FileMaker database solution.

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