JobPro contains some very powerful Document Management features and many more Document Management features are available through customisation.  Previously JobPro had the ability to link documents to records like jobs and contacts. Now the Documents table has been completely opened up with a full user interface and that also means that the same documents can be linked to multiple areas in the system. The Documents functionality has been added to other relevant modules like the Products module. The new Documents module has the ability to track version numbers and create new revisions. User's can also interact with documents within the database like PDF's, audio and video files. There is now the ability to email a document from the document screen.

Additionally, the Documents module is now built into the system as standard instead of being an optional extra. Adding a document to a record in JobPro automatically copies it to the relevant location on the server (if being hosted by FileMaker Server) or to the JobPro 'Documents' location on the users computer if using the single user version. Users can create documents from company, contact, jobs and tasks modules.  Documents can also be created from a variety of areas within the sales module.


Multi Versioning control allows users to to manage traceability and ensure effective control of important doucments.

It is also possible to read Pdf documents full size without having to leave the document module.

Other document management features available on request via customization.