Manage your business from within JobPro's company module. See everything current and relevant to the current record across enquiries, jobs, tasks, products, RFQ's, orders, shipping, documents, and view account transactions all from the company record.

You can setup companies direct from within this module or create them from the prospects / enquiries module when opportunites have progressed.



Users can also make phone calls and send SMS messages directly from company module using standard systems like Skype, Asterisk and ClickATell. Logs of calls, emails, sms and messages are displayed in a communications section within the company record. The company module links to just about every other module in the system so you can drill down into relevant areas easily.

From a customer record users can quickly create quotations or estimates, jobs, tasks, correspondence (letters, emails, faxes and SMS) and invoices. Tab buttons allow a quick view of these areas allowing the user to click on an item to view the full details. New in version 7 is the ability for a contact to reside in JobPro as a customer themselves without a need to have them linked to a company record.