JobPro hosted on the Cloud

If you are considering JobPro and would like to explore the options available to you for remote hosting of your database please give us a call to discuss. Potential reasons to consider remote hosting are:

  • You have a geographically dispersed workforce who all need constant connection to JobPro.
  • You do not already have or want to put in place and maintain an Apple Mac or Windows server necessary to run FileMaker Server and JobPro in a multi user environment.

There are many options available to host your JobPro database whether its just a hand full of users that require remote access or your entire workforce. Please contact us for further details.

JobPro Remote Access Options

For details regarding other remote access options to JobPro please see the Remote Access Options page. 


JobPro2Go (offline iOS app)

JobPro2Go gives offline remote users the ability to log time, costs/expenses/parts, notes and documents (inc signatures) against jobs on an iPhone or iPad. For more details please see the JobPro2Go page.