Budgeting and cost tracking is essential to measure job performance. The Jobs / Projects costing functionality allows for tracking of product costs and time log costs against budget categories. Time log budgets can be further split out into employee types.

JobPro puts all elements necessary for cost and budget management of your jobs at your disposal and provides a clear and accurate picture of budget status.



Budgeting and tracking costs are essential for keeping your company profitable on a Job-to-Job basis.

In each job budget you can add as many lines as required or base the budget on a previously created quotation with one simple click. We have combined the categorization facility of the Products module to set a budget for any or all of your tailor-made categories. Above shows a screen shot of managing your project/job budget via set selling prices as per your quote but the system can also be set to set budgets via a standard markup on your costs.

All cost drivers get allocated a budget category and get aggregated under the budget category for analysis. The budgeting and cost tracking part of JobPro allows you to track costs from various parts of the system related to a job including:

• Purchase orders
• Miscellaneous costs entered on a job
• Expenses incurred against tasks and timelogs
• Timesheet entries related to a job


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