JobPro’s asset management functionality allows users to track assets / products used internally or for loan, rental or jobs use with ability to specify if those types of items should be included in stock for selling purposes.  As well as creating and managing internal and customer assets, you can view each assets usage history, set asset return due dates and loan periods via calendar and jobs modules.  Items sold to customers that are tracked by serial numbers can be tracked at the customer level with the ability to create maintenance or service jobs for those items if necessary. Internal assets required on jobs or projects can be booked out onto a job and subsequently returned into stock with or without a charge to your customer.  You can view an items current locations at any time.

This functionality is also ideal for companies who have a rental business as it allows for control of rental units that go out on an hourly, daily or per booking rate.

If you have a service centre or repair shop you can create a ‘customer’ unit within the asset module to ensure effective control of your customers item throughout your internal warranty or repairs workflow.


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Above is a list of all serialized items in the database. Use the find function to filter by product code or batch number.

Having choosen a serialized item from the list we are now looking at details in relation to that specific item in the database.