assembly manufacturing

If your business is light assembly and manufacturing JobPro will help you get into greater detail in relation to cost drivers in your business.

Create your assembly job from your quotation with the option of automatic budget creation.  In addition to direct costs JobPro allows you to assign internal assets, contacts/employees and/or locations to jobs.  These resources are now part of your cost structure for a particular job.  They add costs to your job based on an hourly, daily or per booking bill out rate assigned by the user or input via users time logs.

Consult JobPro's calendar , filter by resource type, and see exactly what your scheduling is like and where this is spare capacity.  You can drag and drop resources on the calendar to reschedule resources related to your jobs/projects.

On a product record you can add sub assemblies that make up a finished product.  You can also add time based elements to your costings for inclusion in overall budgets when running your job or project.  All stock movements are handled automatically throughout the process.

Effective control is achieved over internal assets used on jobs/projects as these are temporarily moved out of stock into 'Job' use until returned to stock at the end of a job process.

JobPro allows you to create your invoice based on costs incurred or you can simply bill from your original quotation or sales order.

Functionality available in JobPro is also customizable to suit your exact requirements should you wish.

Why not check out the following video giving an overview of the Assembly & Costing functionality:


Here are some Assembly and Manufacturing related screenshots:

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